Laura Marin


Dedicated to excellence

One of Europe’s most in-demand trainers for celebrities and other HNWI, Laura Marin lives a life dedicated to health and fitness. She believes not in fitness for its own sake, or for the sake of aesthetics, but for the sake of a long, fulfilling life of capability and resilience.

Dedicated to excellence

Her entrepreneurial ethos, self-learning and constant research has brought her great success not only as a trainer but as a consultant for many specialist gyms and clinics, and as a developer of new methodologies, like Hypolates and Acupoint, that are revolutionising how people work out and manage their health.

Laura began her career at the prestigious Victor Ullate Dance Company, working alongside fellow elite athletes dedicated to high-performance training. Laura has since spent years mastering a number of different disciplines. One of the UK’s first certified CrossFit trainers back in 2009, and an early adopter of kettlebell workouts (she was introduced to them by Stan Pike whose book, The Kettlebell Bible, helped to popularise their use) – the lessons she has taken from Pilates, Gyrotonic, powerlifting and dance give her a wealth of expertise and techniques at her fingertips.


This is What They Say

“Laura brought me to a better version of myself. I lost eight kilos in seven weeks. I was able to fit in my old designer wardrobe from my late twenties… vanity sometimes is a great incentive! Thanks for giving me a new life.”

C.S Entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four.

“Training with Laura is a completely different experience, the intensity, and dynamism of her sessions makes me feel like a pro athlete! I have never moved my body so accurately and quickly. Feeling younger, full of stamina and my strength and endurance are better than in my thirties. Laura is the answer!”

Guy Beresford Founder, Headhunter.

“I came to see Laura when I was having problems with my lower back and sciatica and my surgeon recommended her. I was lucky to meet her as she completely cured me and no surgery was required. My life was transformed.”

Nichola Odey British fund manager.


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Hypolates is a transformative program specifically developed to address the physical changes and concerns that women face throughout their lifetimes.

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Precision Workouts are the optimum in personal training. We do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.

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